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CyraCom Customer Satisfaction

As part of our ISO 9001:2008 certification, CyraCom invites customers to participate in a yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey. The principal guidelines of the ISO 9001 standard are for a company to continuously improve its operations.

With a significant number of our customers taking the survey, we made some great discoveries about our clients, what our clients are looking for in a language services program, and how our company delivered. Let’s take a look!

How did we conduct the study?
The survey was conducted by the independent firm Telesight.

“TeleSight is a leader in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty research, conducting millions of surveys every year in both the B2B and B2C space,” said John Garza, Vice President of Telesight.

Partnering with an independent research firm ensures that the survey is designed according to the latest principles and that the results are accurately analyzed and reported in an unbiased fashion.

Satisfaction Scores – the importance of the Net Promoter Score
“A “Likelihood to Recommend” question, when expressed as a Net Promoter Score metric, has been proven to correlate with business growth and profitability,” explained Mr. Garza. “Net Promoter Score, or NPS, reflects the net percent of customers that are highly likely to recommend CyraCom, after subtracting those who are likely not to recommend.”

So what were the results?
With that in mind, what were the results of the survey? Would our clients recommend us to others?

This year, CyraCom’s NPS score was 64 percent. “Good to very good scores are usually in the 60%-70% range,” said Mr. Garza. “CyraCom’s NPS score is above-average in our experience working with clients across various industries.”

CyraCom has consistently had high results and has always been over 60% ever since we started to measure NPS.

What are customers looking for when choosing an interpretation provider?
In addition to measuring Satisfaction, we were also curious to know which elements of the overall service offering were the most important to our customers.

The things that our customers mentioned most often were:

  • High quality of interpretation / no or few issues with interpreters
  • Fast connections to an interpreter
  • Large number of supported languages
  • Expertise and experience in healthcare
  • Using US interpreters, rather than off-shore

Our respondents
The majority of the respondents – 62 percent – stated that they manage language services as one of their many roles for the companies that CyraCom services. About 15% of the participants manage language services in a full-time capacity and the remaining 23% of participants are users of CyraCom’s interpretation service.

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