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CyraCom Interpreter Training


At CyraCom, we like to brag about our interpreter training program. Why? Not only is it unique in this industry, but it truly prepares all of our interpreter employees to handle medical calls.

All employee interpreters must successfully complete 120 hours of training including 40 hours of a supervised practicum.

Throughout the training, participants will learn a variety of terminology, best practices, and cultural issues that commonly arise while providing services to Limited English Proficient customers. They experience hands-on, medical-related learning activities, scripted role plays, and breakout sessions with increasing complexity throughout the training. Classroom training covers all relevant areas of healthcare training, teaching interpreters the terms and context of healthcare calls. Participants receive constant feedback and tips for continuously improving their skills.

The final week of the Introduction to Over-the-Phone Interpretation training program is dedicated to an interpretation practicum, where participants perform live interpretation under the strict supervision and guidance of a trained interpreter coach. Participants must demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the established interpreter competencies used to measure performance.

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