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Providing Cost Savings, Excellence through Language Services: CyraCom and O’Connor Hospital

Saving our hospital clients money and providing them with exceptional service are two things we get really excited about. So we were thrilled to speak with Pamela Brotherton-Sedano, Vice President of Patient Safety of O’Connor Hospital in San Jose about their organization’s experience with us.

At one point, O’Connor was spending a lot on interpretation services. However, once a CyraCom account manager explained to them that they could save the hospital money and receive superior, medically-focused service, O’Connor decided to switch providers.

After using the service for some time, O’Connor saw tremendous results. “Within a year of changing providers, we saved over half a million dollars, which enabled us to invest more in the hospital,” explained Pam Brotherton-Sedano. “Our patients were also receiving better care because CyraCom’s interpreters are medically trained. It was a win-win: our patients continued to get excellent service and we were saving the hospital a lot of money in the process, which is almost unheard of.”

She continued, “It’s priceless to know you’re in good hands.”

Thanks for the compliments Pam. We’re glad to have been able to make a difference.


* To learn more about O’Connor Hospital’s experience with CyraCom, download the case study, Providing Cost Savings, Excellence through Language Services


CyraCom’s innovative language services have helped over 1,500 clients, such as O’Connor Hospital, attain excellence in their practices. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association for our interpretation and translation solutions demonstrate our commitment to quality.

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