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Introducing the Interpreter App from CyraCom


Have you heard the news? CyraCom has released an updated app for smartphones and tablets! This new and improved app will give our healthcare clients a fast connection to our interpreters for over 20 languages through video and over 200 languages over the phone.

We’re proud to say our Interpreter app makes access to qualified medical interpreters easy and it supports video calls and traditional audio calls on any mobile platform or web interface.

First of its Kind in the Industry

We’re doing something with our app that is very unique in this industry. While other companies either license the technology platform from another company, or subcontract their interpreters, we provide everything ourselves from end to end. Unlike the other companies in the industry, CyraCom does not use any outsourced technology; all calls stay securely in-house.

CyraCom also has over 1,200 employee interpreters in over 150,000 sq. feet of contact center space in the US – about the size of three football fields! – ready to take all video calls coming through the app. We train our interpreter workforce with a 120-hour training course, the longest and most comprehensive training course in the industry. When we say our interpreters are qualified, we mean it!

The app has enhanced functionality and includes features such as access to Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), various internet and cellular connection options, and an intuitive interface with easy account login information and language selection abilities. It’s easy to use, and better yet, it’s intuitive.

Award-Winning Video Technology

CyraCom has already won an award for the technical aspect of our Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) service in 2013 – the TripleTree iAward for the category of Operational Effectiveness.

With our VRI system, you can access interpreters through a video connection on-demand and within 25 seconds or less on average. We have American Sign Language and over 20 spoken languages available through video, including Burmese, Mandarin, French, Somali and Spanish.

Best of all, now CyraCom’s Interpreter App for the VRI can be used on any platform, including tablets, and Mobile iOS, and Android. It’s now available through the Apple Store and ready to use for clients already registered with CyraCom – so go download it here!


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