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Fortune Magazine Covers the Language Service Industry in “Success in Any Language”

What is the language services industry and what can it do to help your business?

Fortune Magazine answers these two questions in depth in an article titled “Success in Any Language.” CyraCom features heavily throughout the article, highlighting our success in recent years.  The article looks at the kind of challenges companies are facing and how language services companies are meeting them. For example, while most people think of language services as something only for selling goods and services abroad, there is also a demand within the domestic market for interacting with the 9% of the US population who speak English less than very well. As our chairman and CEO Jeremy Woan says, “Doing business overseas is important, but so is the ability to deal with a wide consumer base right here.”

In addition to areas like translation and localization, the article explains the over-the-phone interpreting specialization and how it can help generate a positive customer experience. The article uses research conducted by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) to speak of the positive impact language services has on call centers and customer experience. The report states that about 75% of those surveyed felt that providing support in the customers’ native language improved both their agents’ and their customers’ satisfaction.

The article is available to read on our website here.

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