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Ebola Preparedness and Language Services


Due to the recent Ebola outbreak, the entire US medical system has been encouraged to prepare in case of a US outbreak. Language Services can play a critical role in hospital preparedness protocols, especially since people traveling from these high-risk areas may be LEP.

What has CyraCom done to prepare for a possible Ebola outbreak in the US?

CyraCom has taken many steps to prepare for this scenario. We are following Ebola trends, and we intend to stay in front of the situation by staffing interpreters for the languages in current high-risk areas of West Africa:

  • French
  • Fulani
  • Mandingo
  • Malinke
  • Krio
  • Mende
  • Temne
  • Susu/Soso

Thankfully, CyraCom already have a plentiful supply of interpreters for languages most-frequently spoken in the high-risk areas. Now, we are recruiting for less common languages in those areas as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions. As your partner, we are happy to do anything we can to assist you this effort.

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