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The CyraCom Blue Phones: Ensuring Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

“Providing access to over 200 languages 24 hours a day, the ‘blue’ CyraCom phone is an easy-to-use resource available to help all employees and patients overcome these communication barriers. There is a ‘blue’ phone located in all patient access areas (i.e., outpatient clinics, inpatient units and at the information desks).”

The above quote was taken from a recently-published story by LifeBridge Health. Titled “The CyraCom Blue Phones: Ensuring Nothing Gets Lost in Translation,” the article outlines how CyraCom’s Phone Interpretation service helps LifeBridge Health provide quality care to their patients.


“Thanks to the blue phones, no longer should you try to communicate directly in English with a patient who most likely will not completely understand what you are saying to them. Neither should you rely on one of their family members to interpret your conversation. Family members haven’t been trained in medical communication and they could leave out vital information. Miscommunication not only could lead to a negative patient interaction, it also increases the risk of poor patient outcomes.”

“In short, the CyraCom blue phone resource gives you the ability to provide accurate information to our patients and visitors, which promotes patient satisfaction and safety.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks for the kind words, LifeBridge. We’re proud to be a part of your program.

Read the full story from LifeBridge Health here:

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