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The AHA Extends its Exclusive Endorsement of CyraCom’s Language Solutions

The American Hospital Association today announced that it has extended its exclusive endorsement of CyraCom’s language interpretation and translation solutions. AHA Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the AHA, awards the AHA endorsement to products and services that help member hospitals and health care organizations achieve operational excellence. The endorsement, which guarantees products and services meet standards of excellence for hospitals, indicates AHA Solutions’ belief that CyraCom’s language solutions are best equipped for meeting hospitals’ needs.

The endorsement of CyraCom’s solutions came after the AHA conducted a thorough due-diligence evaluation of the language services industry. The AHA selected CyraCom because of its healthcare focus, training in medical terminology, and comprehensive service offerings in over 170 languages – essential elements that promote safety and quality care for Limited English Proficient patients. CyraCom’s interpreters are entirely US- based and serve over 1,800 healthcare organizations across the nation.

“Effective communication with limited English proficient patients is inherent to delivering safe, patient-focused care. In a hospital environment, effective communication is critical to deliver high quality patient care.” says Anthony Burke, President and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc. “Interpretation & Translation Services bridge what could otherwise be insurmountable communication gaps. While many providers offer telephonic, video interpretation and translation services, CyraCom interpreters and translators have a medical focus and are able to understand unique terminology and nuances relevant to a medical environment. The solution proved its continued relevance and value to the health care field by promoting safer, more effective practices through accurate provider-patient communication.”

“Having our AHA endorsement renewed is a testament to the quality we are committed to providing,” says Jeremy Woan, Chairman and CEO of CyraCom. “We look forward to continuing our contributions to equality and cultural competency in healthcare.”


The American Hospital Association is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals committed to the health improvement of their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, which includes nearly 5,000 hospitals and health care systems, networks, and other providers of care, and 42,000 individuals. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends. For more information, visit


AHA Solutions, Inc. is a resource to hospitals pursuing operational excellence. As an American Hospital Association (AHA) member service, AHA Solutions collaborates with hospital leaders and market consultants to conduct the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™ and identify solutions to hospital challenges in the areas of care continuum, cultural transformation, clinical integration and financial sustainability. AHA Solutions provides related marketplace analytics and education to support product decision-making, and convenes hospital executives for knowledge sharing centered on timely information and research. AHA Solutions is proud to reinvest its profits in the AHA mission: creating healthier communities. For more information, contact AHA Solutions at 800.242.4677 or


CyraCom provides innovative language solutions for healthcare, including Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation, Translation and Localization, and On-Site Interpretation to over 1,800 healthcare clients. The company is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association for its interpretation and translation solutions and is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified.

For more information, visit or call (800) 713-4950 ext. 1.

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