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Achieving Service Excellence: CyraCom and Medical City Dallas

Helping healthcare organizations achieve service and operational excellence is one of our main goals as a language services provider. So we were really pleased to speak with Casey Pederson, Nurse Manager at Medical City Dallas, about how CyraCom has helped their organization achieve success in these areas.

For many years, Medical City utilized another interpretation service provider. However, the service was often insufficient for meeting the needs of patients and staff. “There were a few issues with our previous provider,” said Pederson. “The interpreters weren’t medically trained, we were only supplied with one phone per unit, and we couldn’t track our language usage. Because of these factors we decided to explore other options.”

Eventually, the hospital decided to try CyraCom’s interpretation services, due in part to the company’s exclusive endorsement by the American Hospital Association for its interpretation and translation solutions.  After an initial evaluation in its cardiovascular unit, a full service rollout for the organization was planned.

“The CyraCom team went into every unit of the facility, doing installations and rounding with our telecom specialist,“ explained Pederson. “The service went live on schedule – it was phenomenal work.”

Since the implementation, Medical City has been more than pleased with the service. The staff, in particular, appreciates how accessible the service is:

“If there’s a patient who doesn’t speak English, a doctor or nurse will pull out the phone, give one handset to the patient and use the other handset for themselves, push the button, and be on their way,” said Pederson. “Everyone’s busy, so when our lives are made easier it means the world. We are thrilled with the service’s convenience and ease of use.”

Another plus, Pederson explains, is the fact that CyraCom’s interpreters are trained in medical terminology: “You can tell there’s a difference in CyraCom’s level of service, and you can be confident that their interpreters are giving patients the right information, which really does give you peace of mind,” says Pederson.

Overall, the organization is excited with what CyraCom has done and will do for them in the future. Medical City recently reapplied for ANCC Magnet Designation and believes that CyraCom’s Over-the-Phone Interpretation will play an important role in helping them achieve the award. “As a Magnet facility, we are recognized for our quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice,” explains Pederson. “And we believe that because CyraCom’s interpretation service helps us better reach these high-level goals, particularly when dealing with our non-English speaking patients, we will again achieve Magnet recognition.”

“Our future looks really bright with CyraCom,” she added.

Thanks for the compliments Casey. We’re glad to be assisting Medical City Dallas in providing high quality healthcare to all of its patients.


* To learn more about Medical City Dallas’ experience with CyraCom, download the case study, Achieving Service Excellence 

CyraCom’s interpretation and translation solutions are exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association. With ISO 9001:2008 certified quality processes, US-based medically-trained interpreters, and a dedicated account management team, we are equipped to meet your patients’ language needs.

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